EXETER, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- It has been nearly three weeks since a fire destroyed the Full Gospel Church of Exeter. The congregation, however, will not let this unfortunate event stop them from holding Sunday sermons.

Church members meet at the Exeter School to hold their service and they agree a church is more than four walls.

Janet Foster of the Full Gospel Church said, "It doesn't matter what our home looks like, you know? It's where evertwo orthree are gathered together in His name...we loved our little church, but I mean we serve the Lord here just the same as if we were in church."

Pastor Chris Faloon said the congregation has handled the displacement well, but there was some sadness losing a building with so many memories.

Faloon said, "It's difficult because you have all those years of memories of the sanctuary, the people there, and those who were our parents and grandparents who built the place."

They plan to rebuild the church to resemble the old structure, but it will take some time.

"In life you never know what is going to happen or hit. Even as a church or religious organization, God doesn't spare us from what you would think of as a bad or negative thing," said Faloon.

For now, members like Foster are looking at the positive, "I'm just thankful we have this place here where we can come worship and we haven't missed a Sunday worship."

The church will continue to hold Sunday services at the Exeter School.

If you would like to send a letter of encouragement or a donation items can be mailed to P.O. Box 24, Exeter, ME 04435.

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