BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Opening statements began Monday in the murder trial of Peter Robinson. The Bradford man is charged with beatingDavid Trask, 71,with a crowbar back in November 2011. Robinson's defense attorney, Thomas Hallett claimed it wasa case of self defense. The state disagrees and argues the men had previous disputes over adjoining land. Robinson and the Trask family has been feuding over land for the past few years.

According to Prosecutor Andrew Benson, Robinson made several threats to members of the Trask family.

Andrew Benson with the Attorney General's office said, "[Robinson] said something like, 'If I ever catch them down here on my property again I'll probably kill them.'"

The state argues he made good on that promise. According to the state, Robinson beat David Trask to death with a fifteen pound crowbar. The defense painted a different picture, it was Traft acting as the aggressor and attacked Robinson. The defendant reacted in self defense taking the crowbar away from him before hitting him with it.

Thomas Hallett said, "He saw him reach to his side and Pete hit him again because Pete thought he had a gun. Trasks are hunters, they carry guns."

Trask did not have a gun, but he did have a box cutter and a pocket knife on him. The state disputes the self defense claim stating Trask was on the ground and Robinson did not have the right to use deadly force.

The state said it will use blood splatter evidence to disprove the self defense theory. Witnesses took the standMonday afternoon.

The trail is expected to last until next week. Both sides have an ample amount of evidence and witnesses to piece together what happened that afternoon.

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