BOSTON, Mass.(NEWS CENTER) - Awoman from Falmouth has been injured in the bombings in Boston.

Sarah Girouard is a junior at Northeastern and a graduate of Falmouth High School. Girouard was standing right near the flags at the finish line on the marathon route when the first of the two bombs went off.

We spoke to her mom Susan who is with her at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. She says while her daughter suffered a number of injuries, she's doing well.

"The surgery went well...they removed a lot of schrapnel from her leg and she has a ruptured ear drum, but she's a trouper. Her spirits are good and she has two college roommates with her and one is at her beside with her who had some injuries but they're both doing very well. It's been a tough couple of days, but we're a lot better off than other so we're blessed with that."

Susan Girouard says she hopes to be able to take Sarah home sometime tomorrow.

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