BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Michelle and 3 year old Bella wait in line withhundreds ofhungry Mainers... seeking donations from the local food bank which comes just once a month.

"It's really hard to feed a family of three with only one person working at the house," says Michelle. Her husbands income just isn't enough sometimes. The family relies on the Good Shepherd Food Bank when they need help.

"I look at it like, if I didn't ask for the help then where would I be? I'd be worse off than I am just asking for the help that I need."

Tickets are handed out to people in line as part of a rationing system.The system ensures everyonegoes home withsome food.

"Well I know that we've already given out 180 tickets," says Jeanned'ARC Mayo, avolunteer at the food bank."And it's only 4:30. We're planning to do this until 6:00."

Bella helps pick out bread items, and is given a choice for dessert.

"What do you want for dessert, bubba?"

"Uh, a pup-cake," says Bella.

The little girl enjoys her mini "pup-cake" in the parking lot after the groceries are loaded in the car... "what happens next month," says Mom. "Who's coming?"

Bellareplies, "baby Ethan?" That's right. Michelle isdue for a sonin June. He will be namedEthan.

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