BOOTHBAY HARBOR, Maine(NEWS CENTER) - A Boothbay Harbor man is in trouble with police -- and more than a dozen teenage girls -- after sending them "sexually explicit" messages on Facebook.

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According to Officer Larry Brown of the Boothbay Harbor Police Department, administrators at Boothbay Region High School alerted him to the problem on Wednesday, after some of the girls complained about getting the private messages through Facebook.
Brown says he was originally told there were twelve girls, but eventually found out there were a number of others who got similar messages from the same sender.

Brown says he was able to track the messages back to the man who sent them. He is described only as a local man, about twenty-one years old.

Brown says police do not consider the man a pedophile, and says people in town don't need to be worried about him posing any threat. However, Brown says the messages were "very concerning", and says he gave the man clear instructions to not send any more messages. Brown says he's also working with the District Attorney, to determine if the man broke any laws.

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