SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Color Run 5k hit the streets of South Portland on Sunday.

5,000 registered runners and hundreds more volunteers showed up to the event at Southern Maine Community College.

PHOTOS:The Color Run 5K

A portion of the proceeds goes to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.

"This is the biggest event that we've ever had for the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital," says Development Manager, Dierdre Kavanaugh. "Andit's actually the largest event that the city of South Portland has ever done, as well as Southern Maine Community College."

Kavanaugh says the hospital contacted The Color Run organizers to request that a run be held in Maine.

"The Color Run said it's funny you called. We've actually had Portland on our list of places to come to."

Alec Fowler is South Portland's color run race director and says, "this is the first time I've ever worn a captain's hat at acolor run. We got into the spirit of the wonderful yachts and boating here. Our staff have loved it... first time a lot of them have eaten lobster. So it's been a great week for our staff and for The Color Run as well."

The race course is rather a jaunt. Runners are encouraged to take their "sweet time" through the four "color zones" along the 3.1 miles. The colored mixture runners get hit with is made up of mostly cornstarch, according to The Color Run's website.

Once crossing the finish line, a color festival ensues... covering runners with that colored powder and paint. Race organizers said they brought 50 tons of color to this event and planned on leaving all of it behind.

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