CARRABASSETT VALLEY, Maine (NECN) - It's now been an entire week since anyone has seen or heard from Appalachian Trail hiker, 66 year old Gerry Largay.

The retired nurse from Brentwood, Tennessee was supposed to meet up with her husband George, last Tuesday near the Sugarloaf Ski Resort.

But she never showed. Search and Rescue Coordinator Lt. Kevin Adam says Largay spent Sunday July 21st at the Poplar Ridge Lean-to near Rangeley.

The next morning Largay texted her husband to tell him she planned to spend Monday at Spaulding Mountain and would meet him at the Wyman Township parking lot where the A-Tl crosses route 27 on Tuesday.

She never turned up and Wardens and volunteers have been looking for her ever since.

"We've done hasty searches, stream searches, road searches, used planes and helicopters. It's like she just walked off and disappeared," says Adam.

While it's not that unusual for A-T hikers to get lost in the dense woods of western Maine, Adam says nearly all of them are located safely within 24 hours.

They are l reaching out to hikers to see if anyone saw Largay at the Spaulding Mtn. Lean-to last Monday night, or anytime since then.
Rangers narrowed their search grid Monday, focusing on a 14 mile stretch southwest of route 27 in Wyman township.

Wardens say they're told Largay was hiiking at a rate of about 1 mile an hour.

While that might seem slow, hikers on the trail confirmed that the stretch where she went missing is arduous.

"It's really wet, there are rocks and roots everywhere. It's very, very hard," said Laurent Duranceau who was doing trail maintenance on a 10 mile section near Route 27.

While Largay is in good physical condition, Wardens are going on the theory that she is now incapacitated

"That she's injured, or had some kind of medical event, or is just really lost or down in a hole that she can't get out of, says Adam.
While they haven't ruled out foul play, Adam says they also have no reason to suspect it.

For now, they are using all their available resources and manpower with the intention of bringing Largay out of the Maine woods alive.
Anyone with information about Largay is asked to call the Police Dispatch Center in Augusta, ME at 207-624-7076

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