MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The town of Millinocket voted for the second time to rejecta school budget thattown councilorsproposedtothem.

They first voted no onJune 9th, and then repeated themselves Tuesday night. This time a closer call with 385 voting no, to 375 voting yes. The $6.3 million dollar budget councilors proposed to voters was around $300,000 less than what the school had hoped for.

"Everything that happens has an adverse effect on somebody, something, some program in the school," said Superintendent Ken Smith in regards to the possibility of more cuts to his programs and staff.

According to Town Manager, PeggyDaigle, without a passing of the school budget, Millinocket won't be able to collect taxes or other revenues to pay for it's debts.

"We will probably have to look at curtailment of some services almost immediately if this vote does not pass," said Daigle.

Some of those curtailments could mean closing the town'spublic pool as well ascutting library hours. The town council will meet again August 8th to decide where to go from here with the school budget

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