NEWCASTLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The town of Newcastle has several of special things about it... but what local people are talking about right now is a part of town we're not even supposed to say on TV.

It's that part that's about to become the focus of a reality TV show.

On twisting and turning Route 215 is a wide spot in the road locals know by one name. Larry Russell says, "if you try to explain to somebody where you live you can try and try, finally you say you know where Cows*** Corner is? They'll find you."

Yes, that's right. Named for the cows Larry Russell's father used to keep in town...and the mess they put in the road, locals gave it that name. They could have said cow manure or cow flap or cow pie, even the cutsey cow poop. But they didn't. They said Cow ****.

Larry and his buddies have lived and worked around here all their lives. Now they are going to share life on the corner with the rest of the world...through a reality TV show.

See, the guys had been getting together Sunday mornings for years. Calling their weekly wackiness the Church of the Holy Cow. Enter Keith O'Leary, a Maine native with years around TV and film in Los Angeles. He moved to Newcastle a few years ago, met these guys and decided they had the makings of a TV show.

Keith says, "this is about characters, these characters, Its not about running a dairy farm, but they are hard working people ., its gonna appeal to the working man in my opinion."

They do what working guys always do. Shoot the bull. So far, just verbally.

The show will also try to catch the action .. like a big hay chopping fiasco. And Sometimes the jokes and jabs will inspire action. Like creating a float for the Fourth of July parade. Where everyone was cheering for a place called Cows*** Corner.

Like the substance itself the name stuck. Larry's mother ran a store here the used the name. In fact the sign from the store was stolen a few weeks ago...more fodder for the TV show.

Its been taken down and changed a few times but this is the first time it was ever stolen. But there will be a new one, there will be a fundraiser Sept 5. And you can bet that will make the show, too. Keith O'Leary plans to take all his video..the gab sessions, the farm work and all the other stuff.... then somehow turn it into a TV series. Will it work? He thinks just the title alone will get peoples attention.

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