BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Bangor City Council votedMonday night to study a plan to lift the ban on left turns at the end of the Stillwater off ramp from Interstate 95.

The ban was put into place when the exit was built in 2001, after residents who live near the area complained about the possibility of increased traffic flow in their neighborhoods. Since then business growth to left of the exit, including Buffalo Wild Wings and Hobby Lobby, has caused more drivers to want to go left off the interstate and not be able to. After conducting a survey that showed around 85% of people in favor of allowing left turns, the City voted unanimously Monday night to study the matter.

"It's an unsafe intersection as it is now and because a lot of people turn left anyways even though you're not supposed to so the idea is to make it a safer intersection and certainly it will help people get to different places," said Bangor City Councilor Ben Sprague.

The city will now be working with both Maine Department Of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration to see if any road improvements will need to be made to accommodate left hand turns off the ramp.

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