MINOT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Up on Pottle Hill, Joshua swings his step-daughter Nevaeh in their back yard. It's where he and his wife Katina said their vows last summer, and where they recently planted a redbud tree after their daughter Leilani.

"We had tried for over a year to get pregnant and we finally did," says Katina Tice."We found out on Valentine's Day that we were pregnant. It was so exciting." Joshua says, "she actually told me with a message in a bottle." "Yeah, a message in a bottle," says Katina.

Three months later they went in for a check-up, and doctor's told them there was a serious complication. Their unborn baby was 1 in 20,000 with a disorder called Acrania. Doctors say the mortality rate is 100 percent. Josh and Katina say they were given a choice.

"I saw our little baby on the screen moving her little hands and feet and I saw her heart beating strong -I just knew it just wasn't an option for us... so we just let it go in God's hands."

On October 1, Katina gave birth to a baby girl, naming her "Leilani" - Hawaiian for "grace of god."

"Words can't describe as father or as a mother really what it's like knowing you might have a minute or your might have 2 hours. It didn't matter to us though. When she first came out... Doctors gave her to Katina and she opened her eyes and she opened her mouth and it was almost like she wanted to see us. And after that she closed her eyes and her eyes continued to stay closed for the remainder of her two hours with us."

The family decided, with the help of a friend, to start Leilani's Legacy... random acts of kindness that have spread across the nation via Facebook. Paper notes they call tokens have Leilani's story written on them and they are printed out and handed to people everyday.

"I asked my wife that same day that Leilani was born, if we had to do everything all over again and the same outcome was going to happen and I said would you do this again?"says Josh."And she said everything would be the same there would be no change."

"Absolutely," says Katina."I would do it over again a hundred times. Even if it was just2seconds, I would do it a hundred times over again. Best decision of our lives. Absolutely."

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