ELLSWORTH, Maine(NEWS CENTER) -- Middle and high schoolers along with adults drove hours from across the state to play ball Saturday and Sunday. This match isn't just about the score, it's to raise money for kids with Lyme disease.

Thethird annual Pay a Dime for Lyme event took place to bring awareness and support to kids in need of medical treatment. Medical experts said people can get this bacterial infection from the bite of a tick.Theyalsosaidthis disease can impact a child's ability to perform, limit their physical movements and can cause uncharacteristic behavior outburst.

This fundraiser was geared toward helping seven children receive medical treatment in Connecticut. Locals believe fighting Lyme disease is a team effort.13-year-old, Sally Jordan went to 25 different doctors and they said her symptoms were mental problems.

"I was bedridden, I had severe kidney infection, couldn't swallow because my throat hurt couldn't walk because of my feet, she couldn't think straight," said Sally.

Sally's mom, Lisa Jordan, took her daughter to Dr. Charles Ray Jones who was able to diagnose her daughter with Lyme disease.

Medical experts have a few suggestions on how to prevent becoming a tick's target when outdoors. They suggest to wear light-colored clothes,tuck pants into socks and put clothes in the dryer for 30 minutes on high heat after being outside.

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