STACYVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Two state troopers conducted a bail check Friday night and found that a Stacyville man had violated his bail conditions.

24-year-old Cameron McNally is on bail conditions from an incident last month. McNally had been charged with furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol in February after an alcohol-relate motor vehicle crash involving teens.

On Friday night, three juveniles were found at the residence where the bail check was being conducted, and they had been drinking.

McNally was arrested for allowing minors to consume & possess alcohol, as well as violating his bail conditions. 19-year-old Spencer Anderson of Patten, 19-year-old Nathen Cyr of Patten, and 19-year-old PAtrick Knowles of Sherman were all chargedwith minor possessing alcohol by conumption.

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