TURNER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Every fourth Sunday in March, the first sign of spring in Maine is sap. Sugar houses prepare to open to the public, and syrup producers count on warm days to get the sap flowing. This year it's been colder than usual, but the owners of Ricker Hill Farm in Turner didn't let get in the way of their first Maine Maple Sunday.

"We have been storing sap for 3 weeks to get prepared for Maine Maple Sunday." And there was plenty to go around," said Owner Jeff Timberlake.

Outside the sugar house, and served by the handful, maple flavored kettle corn was up for grabs. Insidethe sugar house,a first-hand experience in making maple syrup taffy.

Asurprise visitor showed up to the sugar house, a friend of theRepresentative Timberlake,Governor Lepage.

"We've been making the rounds this morning," said Lepage."We started out in Wilton, we went to Dixfield and here we are now."

Lepage helped the kids make maple syrup with sap from an old maple tree at the Blaine House.

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