PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Jarrod Maxfield from Necessary Technology in Portland stopped in on the MORNING REPORT with tipsto keepyour online holiday shopping safe and secure.

And healso had a few holiday shopping app suggestionshe uses himself:

Decide.If you're in the market for electronics, appliances, or items for your house and garden, this app will help you make that split-second decision: "Do I buy it now or wait?" The app uses prediction algorithms based on observed price movements to advise whether you'll save more by purchasing the item today or later. You can also use the app to read product reviews and set up alerts for price changes on your desired gift.

Gift Plan.Theholiday shopping frenzywill already have your head spinning enough. Lessen the load on your memory with the Gift Plan app. You can use it to plug in each recipient's wishlist, including details such as their clothing size, and set a budget for each person. Check the items off the list with each purchase and the app will keep track of how much you've spent-per individual and overall-so you can go home without overspending.

Redlaser.This popular shopping app has been around for some time, but it's been revamped to provide more options. You can still use it to turn your iPhone's camera into a barcode scanner, with which you scan items and upload detailed product descriptions and reviews. From there, it displays prices for the product from stores nearby and website competitors.

ShopKick.No one likes seeing money leave their wallet while shopping for the holidays, but having money come in? That's a little easier on the eyes. Participating in rewards programs will ultimatelyreturn cash, but you can earn additional points-or, "kicks"-with this app. Link your Visa or MasterCard to your smartphone and go shopping at participating stores. You'll start earning kicks simply by walking in the store, and you can earn more by scanning barcodes on featured items and purchasing certain products. Unlike standard rewards cards, SmartKick also offers users exclusive deals. If you have trouble saving up for a particular gift, you can pick the desired product from the app's rewards mall and check your progress so you stay on target.

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