How's the Christmas prep going? Hope you're dealing with everything without much stress as we head to Christmas Day. As long as your windshield wipers are working, don't expect any travel problems having to do with snow or ice on Wednesday or Thursday, and here's why: a potent area of low pressure will strengthen and eventually track to our west this week. That puts us on the milder side of the low (thanks to south to southeast winds) which means our precipitation will fall in the form of rain on Wednesday, Wednesday night and on Christmas Day. Some gusty wind are expected along with the rain, so expect some soggy, breezy conditions. I suspect that in the wake of a passing front on Christmas Day we will likely see some sunny breaks later in the day Thursday.

Before that rainy pattern arrives, Tuesday will bring clouds along with some areas of light precipitation, including both light snow, rain and a bit of icing.

After Christmas Day? A brighter sky and fairly mild conditions for Thursday and Friday.



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