SUMNER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Tomorrow is the official first day of summer, but some schools in the area are still in session, making up snow days they took during this past brutal winter.

The effect these extra days have on teachers and students is greater than you may think.

"The biggest thing in my position as assistant principal is managing discipline when nobody wants to be here, and the kids are antsy and they want to leave," Drew Myers, who works at Sumner Memorial High School, said.

It's been a long few days for faculty and students. They are making up for six snow days from this winter. Summer break should be here, but there are still students in the classrooms, cafeteria and hallways.

"A large impact is families have planned summer vacations, so we have kids who are having to do their finals early and not going to be here next week," Myers said.

For some students, the extra days are keeping them from enjoying summer vacation, but others are missing out on summer jobs.

"In the summer is when I make the chunk of what I make in the year, because my mother doesn't work at all," Tyler Piper said. "So what I make is what comes into the house, because it's just me, my sister and her."

Another student, James Jordan, rakes seaweed during the summer to help bring in some extra income for his dad.

"It's the only way I can make money right now. I don't have a job after school or anything, so it's the only time I can make money," he said.

Schools in Sumner don't get out until next Tuesday, and it's safe to say everyone's excited. Some schools in Bangor, Ellsworth and Bar Harbor have had to push back their last day of classes because of snow days as well.

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