Let's Catch Kelsey: Pemaquid

(NEWS CENTER) -- As part of our "Let's Catch Kelsey" Friday, Kelsey gave three clues to her mystery location.

Clue #1: There is a historic lighthouse built in 1827; rebuilt in 1835

Clue #2: There is a stone fort built in 1692

Clue #3: It's part of a peninsula shared by two towns

Many NEWS CENTER viewers guessed where her mystery location was.

Ethel Whitcomb: "Fort Popham."

Ronald Stevenson: "I say Fort Williams."

Christie Fox: "Pemaquid."

Many guessed correctly - Kelsey was in Pemaquid. Though now known as Bristol, the area of Pemaquid was one of the earliest sites of European occupation in North America. Settlers used it as a seasonal fishing location in the early 1600s and then became a permanent village for fur trading sometime between 1625 and 1629. Throughout the 1600 and 1700s the fort and town had several raids and sieges during battle times. Things quieted down after the Revolutionary War.

The area has many historical buildings. John Quincy Adams commissioned the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in in 1827. There is a Fisherman's Museum on the first floor and an apartment on the second floor. Hotel Pemaquid is nearby and first opened its doors back in 1888.

Pemaquid Lighthouse Camera


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